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Automotive REPAIR services

We Fix Your Volkswagen

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Specialized in old Volkswagen vehicles. From T1 Vw buses to Late model water-cooled Vanagon. We also service and repair different models such as Rabbit, Beetle, Thing, Type 3 etc.

We partnered up with GraCha, who provides our mechanic services. With over 10 years of experience in Volkswagen vehicles they are known online for their consulting work as well as national reference of VW Bus service/repair in Brazil.

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Repairs / Maintenance / Upgrade

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Mechanical Services

Check out some of the automotive services we provide


Oil and filter Change, Coolant Flush, Brake Bleed, etc.
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Brake system, brake pads, brake shoes, master cylinder.
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Springs, Struts, Lift, Wheels, rims.
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Gears adjustment, automatic transmission, flush, torque converter.
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Clutch adjustment, Replacement, cable, cluch cylinder, etc.
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Upgrade, wiring harness, looms, dashboard, ignition.
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Fuel Injection

Injectors, cylinders, system check, etc
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Steering box, tie rods, steering column, ball joints, etc.
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