Are you ready?!

We are excited to have you here! Below you will find a few important points and rules about our rentals. Please make sure you read this page carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

When booking our campers, please remember you are camping ☺️ that means, nature, exciting sunrises and sunsets, ocean breezes, birds singing, and freedom! However it also means, rain, bugs, mud, and unexpected situations! This is all part of an adventure and it all makes for good memories! It just depends on how you deal with them. We wish we could make it perfect for everyone (believe us, we try!) but no one can control Nature, and we will not try, so please be aware of any and all situations you may encounter along the way. Remember to be safe and have fun!


Caution and care

Our vehicles are very unique in many different ways. We do our best to keep them in great condition for our guests and expect our guests to treat them same way as we do. If you are renting one of our Volkswagens, please keep in mind they are AT LEAST 30 Years old, they are very rare cars and need attention.

We WILL NOT rent a vehicle that is not in good working conditions, all our vans are taken care of and we will always keep them nicely running for our rentals.

We ask ALL OF OUR GUESTS to kindly treat the our vans more carefully than a normal car, many parts of the vans are rare and sensitive when it comes to use, be gentle and keep them working nice so everyone can enjoy camping around paradise.

There is no millage fee for our rentals, however we do recommend our guests to give themselves, and the vans, a rest after long drives. Oahu is notorious for traffic on the roads, keep attention when you spend too much time in traffic or driving, our old ladies need a break sometimes.

Camping in Oahu

In Oahu, the state’s campgrounds do NOT accommodate camper vans. There are a few private campgrounds in the island that accommodate camper vans.

If you wish to get more information such as names, and directions, please contact us.

For our booked in guests, we also provide a customized map with special recommendations around the island, including campgrounds we partner with, as well as an exclusive campground to our vehicles.

Reservations and Fees

CHECK-IN is at 2PM or later. PLEASE do not come earlier than 2PM for your check-in.

CHECK-OUT is at 11AM or earlier. If you need to check-out after 11AM please add to your reservation our “late check-out” option.

The “late check-out” optional fee will be charged to clients that arrive after their scheduled check-out times. We kindly ask you to be on time.

*** Please note, we will still pick you up at the time you requested, from Airport, Honolulu, or Waikiki and bring you to the north shore. However we might have you wait in Haleiwa, Wahiawa, or at the beach while we get the van ready for you at 2PM.

CLEANING FEE: A cleaning fee of $100 will be charged to your card on file in case the vehicle is returned dirty (unlike when it was picked up) We have MULTIPLE reminders given to ALL our clients, prior and during their rental about this fee. Please be aware that we DO NOT ALLOW cleaning the vehicle upon arrival for your check-out. Upon your arrival, the van has to be READY to be returned. 

All reservations will be charged a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 10% or U$100 (whichever is higher) at the time of booking. The remaining amount will be charged to you card used in the reservation process 7 days prior to your check in. Please keep in mind that after 7 days we do not accept cancellations. No exceptions, unless is offered by us. We do offer a Trip insurance protection in case of emergencies, please select as an ad-on to your reservation.

Hawaii General Exercise tax of 4.75 %

The state of Hawaii also charges a $7/day fee for rental cars.

*Please be aware of international card fees on transactions. Some international cards have a fee that is charged by the payment providers (not our company) can vary around 3% of the total. Please double check how your card works.

*If you wish to pay your reservation at the time of pick up, please contact us.


Once your reservation is completed, you agree with our 14 days cancelation policy. Which means we will not charge you the reminder amount (minus the reservation deposit) of your booking, if you cancel your trip more than 14 days prior your PICK-UP / CHECK-IN date. If you paid your full amount by the time of booking. we will refund you the booking amount (minus the non-refundable deposit) as long as the cancellation is done with more than 14 days in advance.

– A PARTIAL amount (50%) of your rental will be refunded (or charged to your card on file) if you notify us 8 DAYS prior your PICK UP / CHECK IN date.

NO REFUNDS will be processed (FULL booking amount will be charged to your card on file) if you cancel your trip 7 DAYS OR LESS prior your PICK UP / CHECK IN date.

Please, do not insist on breaking our policy, we have to be fair with everyone and there are NO EXCEPTIONS (for exceptions, please add trip insurance to your reservation). We do not like having people upset, but we do have to stick to our rules, so don’t make the situation awkward. Thanks guys 🙂



We do offer (optional) a full comprehensive protection for drivers that are over 25 years old.

The insurance will cover up to $1M in liability with a 2% Deductible of the vehicle stated amount (which will be our guests security deposit). The security deposit varies between $500 to $1000 across our fleet.

In order to obtain the protection, guests must pass a quick DMV check online. Recent tickets or fines might disqualify the driver. If the driver does not meet the DMV requirements you will not have full coverage on the rental, let us know if you need assistance.

If you are not an American citizen, you can still apply for insurance with your regular Driver’s License.

**If you are under 25 or if you want to reject our insurance coverage you are free to do so, although you will have to accept our terms, that any and all damages or loss caused to the rental vehicle, and others, will be at your cost and responsibility.

  • We recommend our guests to hire insurance together with their rental.

**We do not have an extra fee for drivers that are under 25 years of age, however if you wish to insure the vehicle, the insurance fee is higher. Please contact us for more information.


  • Hawaii Surf Campers is not responsible for any damages, inconveniences, or costs caused by changes in reservations (regardless of the reason). Furthermore, Hawaii Surf Campers is not responsible for any loss, injury, or damage to person and/or property from any equipment rented from Hawaii Surf Campers including but not limited to, the vehicle rental.
  • An additional contract will be required to be signed in conjunction with these terms and conditions.

Substitutions / Breakdowns

As stated before, our vehicles are unique, therefore they need special attention. We do our best to provide all guests a fully and great working vehicle, and we WILL NOT rent a vehicle in poor conditions. However, unexpected situations may occur.

In case of a breakdown, or anything that compromises the operation of the vehicle, we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as we can, if we can not solve it in a 8 Hour window, the following will apply:

  • Substitution for similar or another vehicle, if other is available, at no extra cost and/or fees. (THIS WILL INCLUDE EXCHANGES BETWEEN FORDS AND VOLKSWAGEN IN OCCASIONS – So please understand that some cases, we will exchange you to a different van)
  • If no substitute vehicle is available, a refund for the remaining days of your tip will be processed.
  • ** We will not be held liable for additional expenses on accommodation and transport during the remaining days of your trip, however we will do our best to assist you finding a place to stay and a vehicle to drive, you can count on us!!
Everyone, please understand that these “terms and conditions” are elaborated in order to make our operations run smooth and give everyone the chance to understand it. We are not, and will never try to be dishonest with any of our guests, our best and main goal is see the smile on everyone’s face! We are a small run operations and always happy to meet all of you 🙂 So please, read this and don’t make us have to remind what is above described.


Hawaii Surf Campers